Oh MLK tree, oh MLK tree

You might have guessed that we still have our Christmas tree up. Oops. We did get the ornaments off of the tree yesterday, however, so that’s something. I feel good about getting it out the door by trash day.

Other than that, life has chugged along as normal. There is always something distracting me from the projects I need to be doing. There is always something fun going on and something weird going on. (Right?) Peanut is happy, Scott is working hard, I’m trying to be creative and cook delicious meals (that are less carb-centric than my normal fare) and clean things occasionally.

One of my Facebook friends recently posted about having her children clean the baseboards. My first thought was, “Good job! Way to get kids to help with chores!” My second thought was, “When was the last time I cleaned the baseboards?”

I love a tidy house, but cleaning? I clean just enough to avoid feeling grossed out by my surroundings. In other words, I clean the kitchen countertops and dishes, and I vacuum. No window cleaning and no baseboard dusting, that’s for sure. I pretend that the dog nose marks on the window are endearing and sweet, not signs of cleaning neglect.

Thanks to my neglect of window smudges, I did find the time to post three new items to my shop today. Woohoo! My mom found three paintings that I created for my grandmother several years ago and turned them into notecards on my behalf. She’s nice like that.

maybe it's an MLK star for our MLK tree?
maybe it’s an MLK star for our MLK tree?

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