Christmas Tradition

From the wee age of 5 (okay, I’m not sure if that’s accurate, but I was a little kid), I’ve had a pretty regular tradition of getting sick around Christmas.

That very first time, getting sick coincided nicely with watching The Silver Chair on PBS. Nothing like a scary movie with subterranean creatures and lots of battles to make a feverish little girl think she might spontaneously die of fear. Scary for a little kid, anyway. I still liked the movie though.

silver chair

When I got to college, I think that getting sick at home was just my body’s way of dealing with a really busy schedule on campus and a sudden chance to relax and sleep after finals.

Why now? I’m not sure. I’ve been getting tons of sleep thanks to Scott’s night shift schedule for the past week or two. Sleep hasn’t been on a normal schedule, but it’s the hours that count, right? Hmm.

Anyway, I’m keeping the tradition alive this year. I started to feel like death yesterday, and today it’s more of the same.

I still have things to do before Christmas, darn it. I have one very important present to make and a few batches of Christmas stollen to bake. All I want to do today, however, is lie on the couch and hope that my head doesn’t explode. Or implode. I’m not sure which it’s about to do, but it could be gruesome.

Hopefully the next couple of days will turn things around on that front, and presents will be made, wrapped, and taken to their intended destinations. No matter what this next week brings to you, I hope you get to enjoy a wonderful Christmas.

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