Lazy Day Projects

I’ve been up to a lot of laziness lately, but I’ve also found time in that busy schedule to finish a few small projects.  I’m very happy with them, so I thought I would share.

Project 1: making business cards and stamping note cards with my new fancy schmancy shop logo.  (Thanks to PaperSushi, which is the Etsy shop that created my shop logo stamp.)

Project 2: putting the finishing touches on a file cabinet that friends gave to me during their move.  I will admit that I heartlessly cut apart a giant map of Narnia that my parents recently gave to me.  It had been on the wall of my brother’s room when we were little, and he didn’t have any particular desire to keep it.  So presto, I took two hand-me-downs and turned them into a bedside table/storage area that I really love.  The map colors go perfectly with the room, even though you can’t exactly see that in the picture.  Here, take a look.

And Scott finished a project, too.  We’ve had a gaping hole in our bedroom ceiling since before Scott moved in last year.  It was totally my fault.  I wanted to put a ceiling fan up where a light used to be, but I didn’t have any skills to make that happen.  The wiring was old, and it was a tricky task.  But I came home on Sunday night, and there was a fan almost entirely assembled and connected to the ceiling.  Woohoo!

Part of me wants to just sit in there with the fan on all day and enjoy the perfect room temperature and air circulation.  But don’t worry, I’m working on bigger projects and staying out of the bedroom for most of the day.

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  1. Brilliant! Love the colour scheme.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you like it.

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