Dark Knight (Cookies!)

Tonight is Batman night.  If you’ve watched TV lately, you might have seen a trillion ads for The Dark Knight Rises, which technically comes out tomorrow.  But Scott and I are going to the midnight premier tonight with a few friends.  Not only that, we’re going to an IMAX marathon of all three Batman movies that starts at 6 PM and ends with the midnight premier.  Not for the faint of heart!

I’ll admit that I’m a little bit afraid that I’ll fall asleep somewhere in the middle of the second movie and never recover fully to enjoy the end of the trilogy.  The ace up my sleeves is that I haven’t seen the second movie yet.  I’m counting on that to keep me awake.  Fingers crossed!  (I’ve had a problem with falling asleep in front of any movie or TV program for about, oh, 12 years.)

To prepare for the long (k)night, I decided to whip up some appropriate snacks.  We will be in the theater from 6 PM to about 2 AM, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get hungry at some point.  Yes, I’m totally one of those people who takes snacks into the movie theater in my purse.  I know that’s not smiled upon by movie theater owners/employees, and I know that they need to make money, too.  But what movie theater is going to provide homemade mint chocolate cookies?  Right.

I obviously feel guilty about sneaking snacks into the theater, hence all of the justification.  Before you judge me too harshly, you should look at this cookie recipe: Foodess mint chocolate cookies.

photo from Foodess.com

I changed the recipe a teeny, tiny bit by switching the peppermint extract for regular mint extract.  It moves the flavor from Christmas to summer in a flash, and I can attest to the fact that they still smell absolutely amazing baking in the oven with the regular mint extract.

At this moment in time, all I want to do is smell these cookies every day of my life.  Movie?  What movie?

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