Berries and Doggies and More, Oh My!

Last week included some berries from a local farm.  They were delicious berries, so they deserve a shout-out.

Om nom nom.

See what I mean?  [Okay, you can’t see that they’re delicious, but you can see that they’re beautiful and bright and such.]

Raspberries are my favorite, and add to that a day of sunshine and happy dogs and nice husband and a good outdoor project, and it was just good.  Simple, and wonderful, and good.

Everyone likes the berries. And the squash and the plums and the kale.

We were dog-sitting for some friends last week, so Spot the Dog was part of our family (the big, spotty one).  We love him.  He’s a sweet dog.  He enjoyed sniffing the farmer’s market food with Peanut.

Spot taking in the freshly sanded porch and mostly the head scratches.

Although he didn’t get any kale, Spot did eat some chocolate chips throughout the week.  The chocolate chips didn’t treat him too well.  We tried to talk to him about chocolate chips being bad for dogs, but he didn’t listen.  He went in for more the next day, but don’t worry, no dogs were (seriously) harmed in the making of this post.

There was more porch progress, too.  We moved on to sanding over the weekend, and we got the primer down.

So much sanding!

Now it looks like a blinding white snowstorm hit our porch every time I open the front door from inside.  The next steps are really the most exciting, so that’s good news, too.  Just a few last coats of paint to go.  Those coats of paint will have to wait until post-vacation, however.

What?!  Vacation!??  Yep, I’m headed to the beach with Scott’s family for the end of this week and my family for the start of next week.  We’re pretty excited about it.

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