First Week on the Job

I’m new at this whole housewife thing, and I’ve been trying to figure out how best to approach the “work day.”

What I have discovered after a few short days is that napping is highly underrated, the French Open is perfect background TV, and I make overambitious to do lists no matter what the situation.

Oh and this is definitely important: Peanut would rather be quality control for a cookie bakery than just about anything.  He hasn’t ever stood in front of the oven like that before.

And yes, that’s about what’s been going on for the past several days.  I folded about 20 kazillion loads of laundry.  I’ve slept a remarkable number of hours.  I’ve taken a few extra dog walks and cooked a few extra meals.  Nothing ridiculous.

The most wonderful thing about the past few days is that I feel so much less concerned.  There is a plethora of time in my near future, and that makes piles of dishes and dirty floors much less intimidating.  Speaking of which, it’s time for me to conquer some chores with my cookie-minded canine companion.