Communication 101

It has come to light in the last few weeks that Scott and I don’t communicate well with each other in one specific area.

That’s weird, because we can (and do) talk about pretty much anything.  That covers the spectrum from important life stuff to random embarrassing stuff.  It’s great, because I don’t need to worry about every stupid little thing that I say.  I don’t have to wonder if he’ll still talk to me if I tell him about spilling scalding cheese on myself at lunch (which isn’t a big deal as an isolated incident, but is made worse by the 100 other clumsy things I’ve done in the past week) or about the ridiculous life goal that I held from ages 5 to 20.  Not that those are the “worst” things we’ve covered, but they’re a couple of examples.

So where does this poor communication fit in?  In everyday details.  No big deal.  Scott and I can talk about everything, but we might be in different restaurants at different times, wondering where the other person could possibly be.

I would like to blame Scott for this, because he’s an engineer, and they aren’t generally known for their awesome communication skills.  Sadly, I think it’s my fault.  Scott knew that my roommate had plans to go camping this weekend, and he even knew when she was leaving and where she was going.  (His roommate is my roommate’s boyfriend, so it’s not creepy that he knew all of that.)  I didn’t even know they were going out of town this weekend.

That officially makes me the weak link in the communications chain.  Like I said, sad.

I’m not sure where this lack of detail-oriented conversation came from.  Maybe I’ve lived alone too long, and I don’t naturally ask people where they’ll be every minute of every day.  Or maybe I’m a jerk who doesn’t ask about people’s lives.  I hope it’s not the second one.  I would much rather be a spinster who needs to readjust to social norms than a jerk.

So what are you up to this weekend?  Should I know that already?

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