Easter Sunday

No, I haven’t gathered deep thoughts about Easter yet.  What I have done is find a few ridiculous links that in no way relate to the real meaning of Easter.  Aren’t you glad?!

First, a shout-out to the site that always helps me out during bad days: Cute Overload.  They’ve got a great collection of rabbit pictures.  I personally think they’re way better than the Easter Bunny.  I did get some awesome cookies and such in the mail this year though, so I shouldn’t say bad things about the Easter Bunny.  If he delivers by mail, that’s a pretty big deal.  Anyway, this is CO’s photo collection of one very disapproving bunny:

photos by Carly & Art

I also want to share an oh-so-enlightening article about the deeper meaning behind how you eat a chocolate Easter bunny.  Happy eating!

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