Weekend Revisited and Rollerblading Glory

It was a busy weekend.  I drove to the mountains for a youth group retreat, ran around in a couple of feet of standing water in the mountains of Virginia (huge storm on Saturday), proved how truly awful I am at Frisbee golf, and hung out with some awesome people.  Listened to some great talks about how culture and Christianity should interact, ran through some more rain, and felt very privileged to enjoy a sick day yesterday to recover from all of that.  Recovery time was definitely needed.

Now it’s back to life as regularly scheduled.  The nice thing about coming back from weekends away is that I have a new appreciation for things that don’t seem all that exciting when you’re around them day in and day out.  My bed is one of those things.  Climbing in and out of a bunk bed for a few nights was a sad reminder that I’m getting older.  I thought there was a good chance I would fall to an embarrassing and untimely death every time I had to climb down from the top bunk.  Whew, I made it.

And now for something totally unrelated to the weekend.  Scott shared this video with me today:

When I wasn’t laughing hysterically while watching that guy skate, I was pretty impressed.

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