Busy, Busy, Busy

I haven’t had much time to write lately, I’m sorry.  Things like sleep and work have been more immediately necessary.

Anyway, a few of those vital updates that I know you can’t live without:

  1. I discovered yesterday that if you wear loud enough earrings (literally and otherwise), no one will notice that you’re tired and are highly allergic to something that’s happening outside in this thing called Spring.  Instead, people will tell you how perky you look and how great your earrings are.  Talk about an easy solution!
  2. I achieved the absolutely perfect water to powdered cheese ratio today in my off-brand Easy Mac lunch.  It won’t happen again, because I didn’t measure the water, but it was still a nice accomplishment.
  3. I slept with my windows open last night, which is fun because I sleep on the second story of my house, so I feel like I hear treetop sounds up there at night.  My dog, however, is not fond of rainy night treetop sounds.  He shook like a leaf by my face for most of the night.  I’ll remember to close the windows next time it rains.  Making him shake like that is probably some kind of animal cruelty.

That’s all for now.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    Let Peanut wear the loud earrings to bed on rainy nights, and he won’t notice the noises outside.

    1. That sounds like almost as much fun as when you made Cymry wear a cow bell around her neck to ward off birds of prey.

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