Rodeos and Cowboy Boots

Well, Texas was just as wonderful as expected.  Could it really be anything else?

One of the surprise highlights was going to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo with one of my college roommates and her fiancée (and Scott, of course).  I knew the four of us were going to hang out on Saturday, but there wasn’t any real plan beyond that until Friday afternoon.

So we ended up at the rodeo on Saturday, watching bulls and broncos and sheep try to shake people off their backs (grown-up men and small kids, depending on the animal in question).

While I was thinking happy thoughts about the weekend, it occurred to me that the rodeo is even more awesome than I give it credit for.  I always remember how much I love the rodeo, and it’s always better than my memories every time I go back.  That’s pretty rare, right?  I like lots of movies because I have low expectations for them, but I actually go into the rodeo thinking about how great it will be and leave even happier than I thought I would be.  Every time.

I’m not sure what it is about the rodeo exactly that makes me so happy.  Maybe it’s the mixture of so many great things–adventure and country and excitement, plus food that’s terrible for you and some of the best people-watching ever.  It’s hard to beat.  Oh, and those names!  There was a guy named Stetson Vest.

Then my friend gave me some hand-me-down cowboy boots from her sister, and the rodeo got to go home with me.  I probably won’t be riding bulls any time soon, but that’s okay.


photo by kerri b


My last pair of boots stopped fitting about twenty years ago.  They were red, and I think I wore them with everything.  Teal sweats with a pink stuffed bear painted on the front?  Yeah, those go with red cowboy boots!  (Important note: twenty years ago, I was six years old.  Teal sweatshirts with pink stuffed bears painted on the front were totally acceptable.)

My new boots aren’t red, which is good.  They actually do go with lots of different things this time around.  Or maybe that’s exactly what I thought about the red boots.  “Thank goodness these are so flexible, and I can wear them with everything!”  Who knows.  I’m just excited about bringing some Texas back to Virginia with me.

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