Canine Friends Friday

I might just come out and say that Fridays are dog video day or something.  There’s a pattern developing.

This particular video contains a near-lethal dose of cute.  The song about being loved as you are and the happy slow motion dog almost make my heart burst open.

Before you write me off as a hopeless idiot, think of something that makes you feel unconditionally loved.  Imagine that a video is playing in front of you that reminds you of that, and we’re on the same page.

There are definitely more significant places to find unconditional love than in your relationship with a pet, but that isn’t a bad place to start.  My dog couldn’t care less if I wore sweatpants every day and lived in a cardboard box.  If we got to hang out together and he had enough to eat, we’d be set in his book.  He might even love me if he didn’t have enough to eat.  He’s scrappy.  The point is that we’re buddies, and that’s enough for him.

So yes, those cute puppy eyes (the ones in the video and the ones that my dog gives me) get me every time.  They say, “You’re my best friend,” and it’s wonderful.  Never mind the fact that my dog gives the same best friend eyes to every person he sees.  If you’ve ever met Peanut, you know that there’s plenty of attention to go around.  He does not, however, like baths as much as Iso does.

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