Things to Get Excited About

There has been a lot going on lately, between work stuff and a less-fun-than-average budget situation and the rest of life.  It’s easy to get caught up in everything that’s going on and feel overwhelmed.

So today is about letting go of that stuff.  I mean, I’m still at work, figuring out databases.  Despite that, here are some fun miscellaneous things about today:

  1. My body doesn’t handle stress very well, but it does handle food like a champ.  I’m kind of proud of it.  Today, for example, I started the morning with a bowl of  my favorite cereal and a heaping portion of sour milk.  Oops.  How did my stomach react?  Like it was perfectly good milk.  (Yes, I ate the whole thing!  I was hungry.)  If I could high-five my stomach without looking totally insane, I would.

    photo by fontes_gabriel
  2. God provides even when your needs are upper middle class sorts of problems.  Not to say that He does exactly what I want when I want it, but His provision for me is still surprising and overwhelming in a good way.
  3. Do you like how I went from eating sour milk to talking about God?  Smooth, right?  I know.
  4. It was foggy on my drive to work this morning.  Besides potential traffic issues, that’s such a nice way to transition from bed to work.  It’s like there’s a dimmer switch on or something.  I appreciated it.
  5. My office cave is usually chilly and not all that welcoming.  Not today.  Everyone in the library has needed an ink cartridge today (which are all housed in my office), and they’ve all marveled at the warmth of the space.  In winter, that’s a great thing.  I’m hoping for another cozy day tomorrow.  I am, however, at the mercy of the super-old-thermostat gods.
  6. It’s February.  How did that happen?
  7. The days are getting longer.  My commute isn’t entirely in the dark anymore, which is really helpful for morale.

There are a lot of other things to get excited about, but I’ll save some of those for another time.  I hope that the first day of February finds you content as well, even if your office is chilly and your commute is in the dark.

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