2000 Words (or 2 pictures)

It’s a rainy, cool day, and I’m wrangling all of my coherent thoughts for work, so you’re the lucky recipient of pretty pictures.  If my thoughts were more thought-like and less vaporous, this is what they would say:


photo by Philipp Klinger


I love Italy.  Even when it’s raining and gross there, it’s not gross at all.  Someone last night was talking about the glories of traveling in Europe by train, and it made me miss life there.


photo from Design*Sponge (home of Karen Barlow)


In a brain wave that is in no way directly related to travel, the urge to move furniture and change things up in my house gets stronger when the weather is like this.  Fortunately, there isn’t much space for furniture moving in said house.  Instead, I’m going to channel that decorating energy towards getting rid of stuff I don’t need.  Looking forward to it.

And finally, there is no picture that can do justice to this thought.  I had a great morning–woke up with time to eat at home instead of chowing down on instant oatmeal at my desk.  I patted my dog on the head before leaving and clocked in right on time.  But I did forget one thing.  I forgot to bring any form of caffeine with me to work, and I also forgot to bring change or cash or something that would help me obtain caffeine during the day.  Which means that the rainy day urge to curl up with a blanket and sleep is being amplified by caffeine withdrawal.  The good side of that is that the whole weather thing makes the extreme fuzziness of my head feel appropriate instead of withdrawal-induced.

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