Apologize: express remorse, regret*

Sorry.  It’s Monday, and I have nothing to offer you.

(Did you know that I apologize for everything?  You’re now officially a part of my life, because I’ve apologized to you for something ridiculous.  One of my friends in high school tried to get me to stop that habit by giving me consequences every time I apologized.  I don’t remember what the consequences were, and it didn’t stop the problem.  Good effort though.  I once apologized for hitting a shot out in a tennis match–not to my doubles partner or something that would make sense, but to the opposition.  I felt bad for ending a good rally.  Needless to say, the girl on the other side of the net didn’t feel bad about winning the point.  I have a problem.)

*definition from Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus

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