Location, Location, Location

I work far, far away from everyone else in my building, and my office door has a “Storage” sign on it.  It isn’t exactly a prime location most of the time.  There have been a few days when I didn’t see anyone except for when I was walking into and out of the building.  Sigh.

But today is a different story.  Today I have the best spot in the entire library.

One of the rooms immediately next to my office is a giant multi-purpose room.  We have our staff meetings in there, and there are children’s storytimes a few times a week.  It also serves as the interview room and a few other things.  Today, for example, it serves as a giant food-depository.



In case you were wondering, those are three full-sized folding tables in a row, plus two separate tables for dessert at the end.

My personal favorites so far are the sweet potato biscuits and something unnamed and cheese-related.  The problem food is the chili, whose smell has made its way into my office and is constantly reminding me of all that food right around the corner.  And no one else is out there.  Talk about tempting!

My main defense against the food is the fact that I have a generally poor sense of smell.  I have no second line of defense.  I’m just trying to postpone moments of weakness for as long as possible.  Then I’ll sneak into that room, steal a few deviled eggs and another sweet potato biscuit (with ham!) and get back to my office cave before I succumb to the fudge and the mushroom-shaped meringue.

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