Glamour and Wit

The day has gotten away from me, and I’m having a hard time putting together any coherent, bloggish thoughts (the wit).  But wait, there’s sarcastic glamour, too.

What caused this amazing passing of time?  I’ve been dealing with RFID tracker gates that aren’t tracking a blessed thing.  Like I said, very cool.  Not only am I a twenty-something librarian, I’m also the super dork who’s in charge of computer stuff on top of knowing way too much about books and the Dewey Decimal System.

It was a totally unsuccessful day for Super Dork until the gate tracker issue.  Professional self-esteem was nearing all-time lows, and cartoon storm clouds were gathering over my head.  [Events on blog may be over-dramatized to increase entertainment value, just like objects in mirror are closer than they appear.]  Then there was a Super Dork magical moment, and things looked a bit shinier in ye ol’ library.

photo by Gilbert Rondilla

[It’s a bird.  It’s a plane.  It’s Super Dork!]

Whew.  Now people can’t saunter out of the library with all of our books.  They’ll beep loudly as they do that, anyway.

Isn’t it embarrassing when you beep on the way into or out of a store?  You can know with every fiber of your being that you didn’t steal anything, and it’s still embarrassing.  I beeped on the way out of the library once.  I checked out my books, I promise!

Ah, librarian guilt.

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