Weekend Decompression

Okay, it was a big weekend.  For one thing, it was four and a half days long.  For another, it involved meeting lots of new (to me) people and going to lots of new (to me) places.

“Good” would be an understatement for the weekend as a whole, but I haven’t had a chance to mentally sort through everything yet.  At the moment, I’m drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper, eating a York Peppermint Pattie, and answering tech questions for folks at work.  That’s about all my brain can handle until tomorrow.

That happens to you sometimes, right?  (Please say yes.  It’ll make me feel better.)  Your brain can soak in whatever is going on, but it takes its time organizing that information.  Until all of that mental filing takes place and a story or two can be formulated about the weekend, here are some of the things that happened:

  • There was a football game in which the team I was cheering for soundly trampled the other team.
  • There was a hike that involved me making it to the top of the mountain (it’s been a losing streak on that front for the past few years).
  • There was a delicious Thanksgiving meal that seemed to have endless leftovers, which was a good thing.
  • I discovered that flavored creamers are in fact amazing, and my addiction to diet soda could be at an end.  You can ignore that reference to Diet Dr. Pepper earlier.
  • I ate what might be the best doughnut I’ve ever had.  Further proof will be required to verify that claim against Krispy Kreme.
  • There were mountain views out the wazoo, complete with crisp air, burning firewood smells, and sunsets and such.
  • There were awesome people.

The people part was important.  It was a trip to hometown de boyfriend, after all, so he and his friends and family played a big role in the weekend.  I’m hopefully going to refrain from totally embarrassing said guy and will just say that it’s awesome to get to know somebody beyond the basic information that you gather about so many people.  All of those stories about when they were little kids and that one embarrassing thing they did at such and such a time.  I like those things a lot.  If Great Aunt Lou is telling stories about you and you want to cringe, just be happy for whoever else is around to hear.  They’re having a great time.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Marty says:

    It was the best donut you have ever had. They are amazing. Secondly do you wish for said boyfriend to remain anonymous on the blogosphere?

    His family is awesome, and you can see why we all love that place so much. Its an amazing little town.

    What mountain?

    1. I don’t want friends to worry about appearing randomly on the interwebs. I could add names, I suppose. I should probably ask him about that, huh?

      Dragon’s Tooth was the trail, and you’re right about the doughnut. I just want an excuse to eat more of them. I got to read the Willard House Log, too. Good stuff.

      1. Marty says:

        WOAH, you got to read the Book of Truth? He let you see the chronicles of life? The guys living there let you leave after reading it? You got to see how your boyfriend at one time wasn’t even considered a person he was less than a person? Wow what a trip.

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