Reading When There’s No Time

I started this great book a few months ago.  It’s called The Experts’ Guide to Doing Things Faster: 100 ways to make life more efficient.  Really, what’s not to like about that?!

Lots of people who are experts in their field have written a few pages about how to do something quickly and well.  It’s kind of my dream come true.  I spent most of college and grad school figuring out how to write a high quality research paper in the least possible time.

My only complaint is that I recently ran out of reading time.  My free time that used to go towards cleaning my house and lazing around with a book vanished into thin air, and now Peanut languishes in piles of his own dog hair while I try to muddle my way through a minimal number of chores.

I don’t mind my loss of reading time.  I’ve read plenty in the last few years to get me through a dry spell or two.  Even so, I have a proposal for the experts of The Experts’ Guide to Doing Things Faster.

Why not make things easy for your readers?  Why not start the book with the chapter on speed-reading?  Then the people who need the book most will actually be able to finish it before the library starts sending the cops after them.  Just a thought.  Instead of teaching me how to sell a house on page 5 and making me wait until page 135 for reading suggestions, you should make sure I actually make it to page 135.  I didn’t.  Now I’ll never know how to read a page in two to five seconds.  (Okay, so I did scan the chapter on speed-reading after I found out that it existed.)

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