Things have taken an interesting turn at work.  Let’s just say that this morning I was a reference librarian with some computer knowledge, and around noon I was offered a job in my current library system that will put me in charge of lots of computerish things.  That makes me laugh, because the best way I can describe my future job at the moment involves an “-ish.”

When does this job start (the one that I found out about today)?  Tomorrow.  What do I know about the job?  Not much more than what I told you.  Am I excited anyway?  Heck yes!  Also, the commute is about twice my current commute, so I’m going to be an audiobook-finishing fool.  And last but not least, I get to kick off the new job by working for twelve hours tomorrow.  Now I’m going to take a deep breath and pack up my desk, finish all of the tasks that I thought I had days or weeks or months to finish, and take a few more deep breaths for good measure.  I might actually be breathing into one of these:

Photo by Jeffrey Beall

2 thoughts on “Shock!

  1. Whoa, awesome! Congrats on the new gig, very sad that you will be leaving the wonderful North Suffolk branch, however. I know Lauren will be especially sad, but sounds like it’s a great thing for you.

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