Things have taken an interesting turn at work.  Let’s just say that this morning I was a reference librarian with some computer knowledge, and around noon I was offered a job in my current library system that will put me in charge of lots of computerish things.  That makes me laugh, because the best way I can describe my future job at the moment involves an “-ish.”

When does this job start (the one that I found out about today)?  Tomorrow.  What do I know about the job?  Not much more than what I told you.  Am I excited anyway?  Heck yes!  Also, the commute is about twice my current commute, so I’m going to be an audiobook-finishing fool.  And last but not least, I get to kick off the new job by working for twelve hours tomorrow.  Now I’m going to take a deep breath and pack up my desk, finish all of the tasks that I thought I had days or weeks or months to finish, and take a few more deep breaths for good measure.  I might actually be breathing into one of these:

Photo by Jeffrey Beall

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  1. Steve Clarke says:

    Whoa, awesome! Congrats on the new gig, very sad that you will be leaving the wonderful North Suffolk branch, however. I know Lauren will be especially sad, but sounds like it’s a great thing for you.

    1. Thanks, Steve! I’ll miss random visits from Lauren, too. Don’t think I’ll be getting too many visitors in my new office, since it’s referred to as “the cave.” Ha.

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