Vacation Goals: Puppy! (and other less important things)

Today really requires more in the way of visual aid than text.  Exhibit A:

I’ve been snuggling that little guy a lot in the past few days.  He has parasites, and you can feel every one of his ribs as a result, but the fluffy factor makes him a pretty irresistible bag of bones.  It’s hard to adequately describe the charms of a sleepy puppy.

Exhibit B is the dog who is currently training the puppy how to beg his way onto a couch and sneak out of a fence:

Apparently, nap time is a big deal for the canines of this household.

After a serious morning of dog hangout time, we made some lunch.  This is where I learned how to cook:

My mom is a great cook, I promise.  She and I both just happen to forget that things are in the oven sometimes.  Life happens and cute puppies distract you.

Or you pop into the garden for a second to check on your dinner.

And use your shirt as a harvest basket.  It works.

And you admire your cherry tomatoes.  And your artichokes.

And don’t forget about the squash blossoms.

Before you know it, you’re eating slightly charred sandwiches, and who cares when you get to look at this out the front door?!

(I almost forgot that there was eclair consumption today, too.  Check.)

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  1. Maggie says:

    Your parents are growing artichokes?! That is amaaaaazing. I’m sad to say my artichoke plant, although appearing somewhat healthy, is not thriving quite like your parents’. So lovely. And…mmm…squash blossoms. I could eat squash blossoms and artichokes like it’s my job. Enjoy, Hannah!

    1. My mom’s garden is beating mine about 10 to 1, so I know how you feel, Maggie!

  2. jen says:

    Moresby= cute!!! I need to snuggle with him. Your mom looks so beautiful. The garden and the fence remind me of a certain home video my dad made the first time we all came to Colorado… he was sitting behind your house and he panned out to the fence. It is one of the more exciting home videos, to say the least. But Moresby!!!!!!!!! I want him.

    1. Yeah, I might have a purse full of puppy when I leave here. If that works out, Moresby will visit TX to say hello. The guard here is pretty tight though. They might notice when my purse starts to whine.

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