Vacation Goals

I’m leaving on a jet plane on Saturday morning (can you hear John Denver in the background?), which makes me happy.  I really like airports and the whole flying process, not to mention the vacation that goes with the flying.  I even like some good, old-fashioned turbulence.

In order to get the most out of the trip, I decided to make another to do list.  Why not kill a totally unstructured week with requirements and rules, right?  Most of the Colorado goals support the main goals of relaxation and quality time with my parents, so I don’t think it’ll be too stressful.  Without further ado, here’s the current list:

  1. Go hiking.  My parents’ property doesn’t count, even if you do risk meeting mountain lions anywhere above the irrigation ditch.
  2. Eat an eclair.  There are delicious eclairs at this one bakery in town.
  3. Finish at least three books.  GoodReads tells me that I haven’t finished a book since August 14, and that’s kind of shocking.
  4. Take copious pictures of my parents’ new dog and enough pictures of their old dog to make him feel equally loved.
  5. Talk to at least one person on an airplane.  Sometimes I open up a book and dive in before my seatmate sits down.  Even though most people appreciate a quiet airplane neighbor, I occasionally think I close out nice people who want to chat.  I won’t do that this time.  At least not on every flight.
  6. Make my mom go running with me.  (Dad, want to join us?)
  7. Make a phone call from my favorite spot on my parents’ property.  I’ll take a picture to show you why it’s so great.  It was also the only spot that got cell phone reception until a few years ago.

Pre-trip goals include making a new playlist for airport entertainment purposes and getting rid of the mountain of laundry that has taken up residence in my dining room.

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