The Trailerhood

Things that shouldn’t be…

  1. I’ve had Toby Keith’s song “Trailerhood” stuck in my head for three long days. I could blame the perfect storm of technological events that encouraged me to turn on CMT’s music videos while I was getting ready for work.  It’s still my fault though.  Sigh.
  2. Almost every morning, I try to use my house key (which is distinguished with a hot pink top to help me remember which one it is) on the library staff entrance.  Do I subconsciously think that work is my home?
  3. I haven’t cooked in a while, as in maybe two weeks.  As a result of no cooking and shoddy grocery store shopping, yesterday’s lunch was instant oatmeal and a bell pepper (not together).  Why the bell pepper?  I think my body is sick of store brand Easy Mac and instant oatmeal.  It wants veggies, and there was a pepper on my counter.  Thankfully, tonight will end the cooking drought.  Shrimp with lemon butter caper sauce and fresh asparagus.  Can’t wait!
  4. I’ve found through serious scientific study (all variables the same except for three short-term roommates) that I don’t like to be lazy in front of people.  I’ve had a roommate again for approximately three days, and I’ve already scheduled car maintenance for my day off–car maintenance that I’ve avoided for months.  I even went for the 8:30 appointment.  Ooh, aah.  I’ve decided to paint the bathroom that afternoon and chose to pay bills and do laundry before the very last possible moment.  My hypothesis is that I will be early for work throughout roommate test stage number three, and my DVR will think I don’t love it anymore.  Then when it’s just me and the dog again, we’ll lavish the proper amount of love on the DVR and the couch.  For now at least, “there’s always something going on down in the trailerhood.”

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