What They Wore

The wonderful world of the interwebs includes a blog called “What I Wore.”  If you haven’t already guessed, it’s a visual account of what one woman wears every day.  It might sound like a drag to you, but I like it.  The woman in question seems like somebody you could actually hang out with, not a crazy fashionista who just wants to go shopping all the time.  She has a fun sense of style, too.  She tries new things that I wouldn’t necessarily go for (turban-ish headbands being the number one thing I can think of), and she likes classic styles as well.  It’s a good mix.  Anyway, the main point is that I like her blog and look at it on a regular basis.

I’ve been preoccupied lately, so when I tried to get to the blog in question, I typed the wrong address a time or two (or three).  It turns out that “whatiwore.com” is the same idea from a different person.  I like the “whatiwore.com” guy, too.

I like the fact that on his merchandise page, you can buy a sleeveless t-shirt with pictures of him all across the back.  I like the pool project in which he decides to swim in an above-ground pool through the winter.  I like that he might be making fun of the look-at-me thing, but I can’t be certain about that.  And more than any of the other reasons, I like that he’s been doing this consistently since July 2003.

Just for the sake of playing fair, today I’m wearing khaki pants, heels that I’ve owned since ninth grade, and a cute short-sleeved sweater.  Now the cycle is complete and we all know what everyone else is wearing.  Very important business.

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