I ran into Cuba Gallery’s Flickr photostream this morning, and I kind of love it.  Enjoy some of my favorite green picks from the collection:

First reaction to those pictures: “Ooh, pretty!”

Totally insignificant thoughts that came after the mental oohing subsided: I need to go to New Zealand someday (setting of first photo), the cherry tomatoes on my counter should probably be eaten soon, and is that Swiss chard?  My parents’ goats used to really like Swiss chard.  I bet those hobbits would have liked finding some Swiss chard on their trek across New Zealand.

And to think that Jack Kerouac made his fortune by writing down stream of consciousness stuff like this.  Except that he talked about drinking and sex instead of goats and Swiss chard.  Almost the same.  Maybe the combination of goats and Swiss chard is going to be revolutionary for our society, and that’ll be my ticket to a new career.  Forget goals.  I’ll be the modern combination of Martha Stewart and Jack Kerouac.  A match made in heaven.

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