Blooming artichokes, Batman!

I’m not really sure why that seemed like the best title for this post.  I am sure, however, that there are some fantastic quotes kind of like that between Batman and Robin of the Adam West era.  You can chuckle at them here:  [chuckle, chuckle].

The main point of the post is that I saw my first blooming artichoke on Monday in Williamsburg.  Turns out that those colonial gardeners knew what to plant for a delicious meal.  I’m not sure I would have gone with artichokes in their situation though.  That’s an awful lot of work (growing and eating) for an awfully small amount of sustenance.  Anyway, here’s what an artichoke looks like when it isn’t in the produce section of your local grocery store:

And here’s what an old cemetery looks like when people decide they would rather have a place to sit than be able to read the inscriptions on the graves:

I’d really like to know how they came up with that option.  There was open space all around the bench.  Hmm.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Loved the photo of the ‘chokes! So, the result of having bad cell phone reception in the land of the Amish is that I did not fully hear your story about the artichokes. Somehow I managed to hear that you saw “artichoke soap” in Williamsburg. This was why I was asking how it smelled and that I had never heard of artichokes smelling good enough to turn into soap. This was also why I was confused about the presence of bees (bees like soap?). I am thankful that blogs are not affected by cell phone reception and I now fully understand your artichoke encounter this week. I think you have a new vegetable for your garden next year…who knew they could grow in Hampton Roads?

    1. Yeah, I thought there was a disconnect at that point, but I couldn’t quite figure out what words we both missed. Artichoke soap would be a big commitment to a favorite food. I did think my lawn smelled like boiling artichokes on Sunday though. It was interesting.

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