Under the Weather

Yeah, not feeling so hot today.  As a result, my brain isn’t coming close to anything that could be described as original thought.  I do, however, very much enjoy these lolcats:

(I do a mean raptor impersonation, by the way.)

Thanks, icanhascheezburger.com, for saving me from my lack of significant brain waves.

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  1. aaronmharrison says:

    Raptoring. Reminds me of camp. I taught someone how to raptor earlier this summer. In return, they taught me the ‘sloth hug’. You know it’s coming, but you’re still surprised when it finally gets there.

    1. The sloth hug sounds like high quality stuff, and raptoring reminds me of camp, too. I show non-camp friends sometimes, but unexpected raptoring is better.

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