Brothers and Sisters

I have brother on the brain, due largely to his upcoming wedding ceremony.  My brother is great, and he tried to train me well as we grew up.  He taught me how to build a Lego fort without worrying about the design on the box.  He taught me how to laugh it off when other people are being ridiculous and how to pick beer that won’t make you look like a wuss.  He taught me a lot of other more valuable things, too, I just don’t want to make him blush.

I think I really did well with the sibling lottery.  There were some rough early years when I wanted to be around him 24-7, and he would have been happier banishing me to the land of annoying little sisters.   I eventually realized that I totally deserved that reaction, and we found a balance.

Now, thanks to said brother, I have a fantastic new sister (technically in-law, but same thing).  I didn’t think that would directly change my life very much, since we’re all adults and most of the early years bonding stuff has passed.  Then my sister-in-law planned an afternoon at a spa on her wedding day.

Have you ever encountered something that you would promise is English, but you couldn’t for the life of you figure it out?  Yeah, that’s what a menu of spa options looks like to me.

I don’t understand it.  I’m a girl.  Dresses are one of my primary clothing categories, I painted my nails last night, and I’m wearing pearl earrings today.  I should know about facials and massages and the different processes of hair-dying.  And yet somehow, I don’t have a clue.  It’s really a foreign language.

Taking all of that into consideration, I’ve concluded that it’s about darn time I had a sister!  Maybe soon I’ll be more comfortable picking options for a facial than I am with picking manly beer.  I can only hope.

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  1. scott says:

    Stick with beer. It’ better.

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