What’s in Your Bag?

There are people on Flickr who post pictures of what’s in their bag.  It’s kind of fun to have permission to peek at what someone else carries around all day, so sometimes I indulge in minimal online snooping.

Here’s what JJ (a.k.a. random stranger) posted in her photostream:

As I wander through these pictures, I wonder if people edit the contents of their bags before photographing them for the world to see.  There’s really not a single stray receipt or anything in all of their bags?  Suspicious.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that Flickr users are lying, but I’ll show you what’s in my purse for some realistic contrast.  I’ve been busy this week.  It isn’t pretty.  It is, however, totally accurate… almost.  There were also Sun Chips crumbs in the bottom of the bag.

I didn’t put everything into one picture because, frankly, it was a scary pile.  I think the highlights are the amazing quantity of loose papers, the used dryer sheet in that pile, the painting supplies, and the guide to apartments in my area.  I’m not planning to move, it just seemed like a good thing to look through at some point.  Also, I like the fact that my wallet isn’t holding my license, debit card, or cash.  No wonder pick pockets never take advantage of me.  They can’t find anything.  There are usually a few books in my purse as well, but I think they might have jumped ship in hopes of finding a neater home.

So I ask again, how are all of these Flickr people so organized?  Are they just neater as a population than sloppy bloggers like me?

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  1. Mom says:

    What I want to know is how you put the contents back. Please don’t tell me you kept all the paper. Cool coin purse. It’s fun to try to identify all your stuff. I’ve been staring at it for 15 minutes! The paint things were easy, but what’s the blue thing with the paper pile. It sort of looks like something to take one’s blood pressure. Surely not.

    1. I keep forgetting to respond to this, so here goes: the paper is now in the trash, the coin purse reminds me of that little purse you got in middle school, and both of the blue things in that stack are junk food bags/wrappers. Aren’t you glad you raised such a healthy child?!

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