Good Things Day

This is a completely random (and incomplete) collection of good things about today.

  • I woke up early enough to get coffee and make it to the morning meeting with minutes to spare.  As you can see, Arg was really getting into his new copy of Wuthering Heights during breakfast:

  • There was a pie (among other things) waiting at my desk when I got to work.
  • Lipton donated lots of tea for our summer reading program, and some of it is being stored in my cubicle.  That makes everything smell like tea.  Mmm.
  • I’ve decided to give up on a book of poetry I’ve been slogging through.  I gave it a good college try and am glad to end this attempt at literary appreciation.  I’m free, I’m free!
  • The person who decided to make “Women’s Sports and Soccer” a single category for The Onion Sports Network is a genius.  I just discovered that, so it technically still fits into this category.
  • I’m wearing exactly the right thing.
  • And last but not least, friends have compared me positively to two of my favorite tv characters in the past 24 hours.  Flattery will get you everywhere.

Are my points of happiness extremely shallow?  Of course they are.  Sometimes those are the things that make or break a day though.  Don’t you think?

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