Corduroy Argyle

Today I was greeted at work with the news that there was mail waiting for me in a co-worker’s office.  Mail is usually addressed to the department, not to me, so that seemed odd.  I knew as soon as I saw the return address that this was a good kind of odd.  Texas never disappoints and definitely doesn’t send me work-related mail.

Let me introduce you to the newest member of my family, Argyle the Aardvark.  He’s Scottish, which explains the name and maybe why he’s orange–sympathy for his Irish neighbors.  Well, it’s either that or he needs to cut back on tanning salon visits.  I’m going to call him “Arg,” for short and might say it with a pirate accent.  He makes a smashing Scottish pirate.

He got distracted by trying to feel the breeze whip by his face.  He heard that’s what animals are supposed to do in cars.  Someday he’ll figure out that it only works when the car is moving.

Here, Argyle is pointing out that he’ll fit in quite well in his new environment.  That’s the paint chip for the upstairs bedroom in my house.

So today is brought to you by surprise presents and good friends, stuffed and otherwise.  Also, did you know that “corduroy” can be a verb that means to build a log road?

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