Fat Dog

In case the title left you in any doubt, this is one fat dog (not my photo… check out the actual photographer’s Flickr photostream):

On my way to play kickball yesterday, I got trapped behind a teeny tiny dog.  It had roughly the same body fat percentage as the fellow above.

I’m certainly a fan of dogs, and I don’t discriminate against dogs with issues.  I nearly adopted a dog that was minus a leg, and anyone can understand something as minor as a few extra pounds.  What I don’t understand are dog owners who let their pets get so fat that they can’t even walk properly.
The dog at the park yesterday was obviously working hard and moving about as fast as an earthworm.  I didn’t want to step over him to get where I was going.  He might topple over and end up like a turtle on his back.  So I stood there and watched him try desperately to catch up with his owner as she called for him, “Come on, Buster!*  What’s wrong?  Move faster, Buster!”
If I had been Buster, I wouldn’t have been thinking very charitable thoughts.  My dog might jump on people obnoxiously and sprint out the door at every opportunity, but at least he can sprint.
On a more cheerful note, I was the happy consumer of a chocolate-covered doughnut with sprinkles today.  Sprinkles definitely make up for their lack of taste with loads of personality.  As long as I don’t start feeding Peanut chocolate-covered doughnuts with sprinkles, we’re set.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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