Little Black Dresses at Work

Compared to most household chores, I really like doing laundry.  I like how it smells when it comes out of the dryer and the warmth of the clothes for those first thirty seconds or so.  I also feel like I’ve accomplished something with relatively little effort.  Other than the folding factor, it’s okay.

That doesn’t mean I’m always on top of the laundry situation, however.  For the last week or two, there have been other things that need to be done with my non-work time.  So in honor of having more clothes in my dirty clothes pile than in my closet, here are some signs that I (or possibly you) need to do laundry:

  • I’m wearing a fancy black dress to work today.  Yeah, it definitely wasn’t intended to be worn to the office.  On the bright side, I could go to the opera right after work and be appropriately dressed.  In reality, I’ll be walking my dog.
  • I’m not quite there yet, but I have previously worn the bottom half of a bathing suit when all other underwear options are gone.  It’s really a pretty good alternative.  Sorry if you didn’t want to know that.
  • Breaking out clothes from 10th grade is rarely a positive thing.  Sure, it was cute at school in 1999.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for the office in 2010.
  • Then there are the days when you put things into “adventurous” combinations that you wouldn’t ever wear together if you had any choice.  Getting close to that line today.
  • I’ve occasionally decided that the shirt lying at the bottom of the dirty clothes pile really isn’t that dirty after all and worn it again.  That’s pretty low on my list of favorite things to do.
  • And last but not least, remembering to pick up my dry cleaning happens right about now, when I realize that I do own two more pairs of clean pants that are being held hostage on 21st Street.  I never remember to pick up dry cleaning when I still have pants in the closet.

Hopefully I’ll find myself inspired to do laundry before I get to the stage of looking through the dirty clothes for the not-so-dirty.  In the meantime, I’ll dazzle patrons with my fanciness.

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