Easter with the ‘Rents

I thought I was good at getting things done until my parents came to visit me this weekend.  They put my productivity to shame and sneaked in a nap, too.  My beds and mattresses are in different rooms than they were on Friday, my front yard contains totally different plants than it did on Saturday morning, and those are just the big projects that we finished.

The grand garden plan was downgraded, but I’m fine with that.  If I manage to keep things alive this year, it’ll be easier to build onto next year instead of creating a large garden from scratch.  Now I’ve got herbs galore and a few flowers and tomato plants.  The thyme is my favorite so far.  I’m trying to avoid getting attached to the plants until they’ve proven that they’ll live for at least a couple of weeks, so I’ll include pictures after the “don’t get attached” period is over.

Also, my docile motorless lawnmower sent a stick shooting towards my leg on Saturday afternoon.  No big deal really, except that the stick stuck directly into my ankle.  I’m a bit of a wuss, so I’ll say that it hurt a lot.  I actually had to remove the stick from my ankle.  Yuck.  The good news is that I have a fairly decent puncture wound now.  That’s kind of fun.  I know it doesn’t sound fun, but as I’m sitting at my desk all day, surrounded by air-conditioning and books,  it’s good to have a token that says, “I was outside this weekend!”  I’m perfectly willing to accept that in the form of suntan or small wounds from gardening ventures.

There’s a lot of non-gardening stuff going on in life as well.  We’ll pretend for a second that I’m one of those super vague people who doesn’t ever share details.  If that were the case, I would say that I’ve learned a lot lately.  That’s good, right?  It’s kind of like a college class.  You’d rather skip the experience and grab coffee with a friend, but sometimes there’s no replacement for being in class.  I’m glad I’m not skipping so much of life that I’ve stopped learning things.

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