Wednesday Mornings

Wednesdays are my favorite.  I work from 11:30-8:30 (instead of the normal 8:30-5:30), which puts a cramp in my social life sometimes, but is oh so nice in the morning!  Today included some coffee with a friend and lots of not much else.  Perfect.  I’ve been in a writing funk lately, so this is more about pictures.  First, a recap of the weekend.  There were lots of moments like this:

One of my friends has a pretty impressive finger puppet collection in her car, and she let me entertain myself with them on the drive across Houston.  There are also some pictures of things like a friend laying out on a beach blanket that happens to have Jack Bauer with “Bauer Power Hour” written across it.  Wonderful weekend.

Today it’s sunny and gorgeous outside.  I look totally professional except for one little detail.  You can’t let a day like this slip by without some sort of celebratory gesture:

And this picture is my favorite.  It shows just one second of why today deserves a pink bow.  Check out that sunlight streaming through the car window!  (I cheated a little bit and used a picture from a few months ago, but I promise it looked like that today, too.)  Add some music turned up and what might have been an excess of caffeine, and this is exactly what my ride to work felt like:

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