The Little Things

As I’ve previously mentioned, my goal for 2009 was to finish a book a week.  I succeeded, then fell into a giant heap on the floor come January 1, 2010.  Those last few weeks involved more panic-induced reading than desirable, so this year’s goal was to read less and enjoy more.

The problem with that is that I haven’t finished a book in three weeks now.  Yes, I’m achieving my goal.  Go me.  I’m also going a little bit crazy because of it.  The people I work with finish a couple of books a week on average, and they always ask what you’re reading today (like it’s different from what you were reading yesterday).

I think that peer pressure is going to win this battle.  As of a few hours ago, I went back to cramming in audiobooks at every possible spare moment.  My purse will soon be laden with reading options, too.  I started three books today to try to redeem the month of February.  I guess the tipping point was when I realized that it’s easier to feel pressure and success together than it is to feel pressure and embarrassment about being the kid who has in fact been reading that same historical mystery for a really long time.  I’m thinking that if it really is the little things about a day that add up to something significant, fixing that one little thing has to have a positive impact on life.

Other little things are good though.  My roommate noticed this earlier today and posted it to her blog:

Yep, it’s Peanut the Man.  I switched my computer background to a photo that roommie took a few days ago, then she saw that the cutie pie is just that cute almost every minute of every day… in the exact same spot.  The beauty of that is that he’ll be sitting just like that when I get home from work.  He’ll be there tomorrow, too.   And even though he’d like nothing more than to chase squirrels for a few hours after I get home, he’ll remain on that couch and stare lovingly at me while I eat my dinner in front of the Olympics.  There’s a good chance that the loving looks are for the food though, come to think of it.

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  1. I love that you reiterated that he is Peanut the MAN… you make my heart happy, Babycakes 🙂

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