Latte-colored Stubborn Streak

My most recent wall color choices might have been a little bit iffy.  I was trying to find a sophisticated way to put purple and blue together for my roomie who likes both of those colors.  It turns out that if you’re using pale colors for a room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, purple and blue will inevitably look like a Care Bear/Smurf explosion.  Mmm, attractive.

It was supposed to look like this:

It did not look like that.

In order to get rid of said explosion in time for Buttercup to move into her space today, I combined remnants of paint from other rooms to make a latte-ish color and painted over the Smurfness until 2 AM.  I told her she could unpack her stuff when I left for work at 11, and dag-nab-it-all, that was going to happen.  Finished the second coat on the ceiling at 10:48 AM and left for work at 11:02… sweet success!

Buttercup was sure I wouldn’t have time to finish the ceiling, and all I have to say to that is “Mwah ha ha!”  (Evil laugh, in case you haven’t read one of those in a while.)  Stubborn streak strikes again.  I know that I should be ashamed of being stubborn, but it’s so darn satisfying.  Pride is really the root of the stubbornness, and it’s all-around bad to like that flaw in myself.  It feels fantastic nonetheless.  Someday I’ll be more upset than happy about the stubbornness, so you’d better ask me to do totally unrealistic things now before that happens.  Need any gigantic boulders moved?  Of course I can take care of that by myself.

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  1. I could edit the post instead of commenting myself, but I feel like this is more footnote material. Roomie is the best. Her lack of faith in my painting plans is probably well-founded, since we’ve talked about starting and finishing this project for several weeks.

  2. Yo… Buttercup here 😉 Thanks ever so much for gettin’ down on it like a champ. I was *truly impressed* that you finished the job off in such short order. What a HOSS!! And to think… it took FOUR people to pull off Care Bear Blue & you CREATED AND APPLIED the Latte Loveliness all by yourself! Well done you. I’ma LURVIN’ it up in herrrre. (And I wouldn’t call it STUBBORN in this case as much as DETERMINED.)

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