The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

One of my college friends loves all kind of movies–thrillers, chick flicks, serious dramas, comedy, whatever.  She will even go as far as to say that she likes movies whether they’re good or bad.  Seeing movies with her was fantastic, because even if it was the stupidest movie pick I ever made, she would have a good time.

Since most people aren’t quite that relaxed about the movies they watch, I sometimes go to movies alone.  I love the freedom of going to a movie knowing that it will probably be bad without feeling guilty that you’re forcing someone else to experience it, too. That comes into play frequently because of my love for chick flicks.  I know they aren’t usually well-written, etc.  There are certainly chick flicks that I don’t like, but for the most part, I forgive them for their low quality and enjoy the happy cheese.

Tonight’s jubilee is brought to you because I’m going to see When in Rome in a little over two hours.  I read some reviews of it today, and none of them were good.  In fact, they were all really terrible.  I’m still excited about seeing it!

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