Day One

Do you ever feel like months of your life have vanished into some giant void of lost memories?  Like June of 2009 might have been July of 2008, and there is no way to remember which was which or why it matters?  I do.

It’s maddening!  I live a life full of good friends, happiness (and frustration), and all sorts of things that should be neatly cataloged in my head.  Yet when asked what’s going on, my mind comes up blank.  I don’t want to lose years to a void of nothing, so this is day one of a campaign towards remembering.

I want to remember the little things that make life wonderful and terrible and then wonderful again.  I want to remember why I picked up that rock that’s still in my raincoat pocket.  I know there was a good reason.  I want to remember the day I found my dog at the animal shelter and the first time I made a steak without setting off any fire alarms.   That might require remembering all of the fire alarm incidents, too.

This is a catalog of the good, the bad, and the ugly that matters so much at the moment but is so easily forgotten–snapshots of a small life.

Small, but valuable.

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