Wall Color: Random Room Edition

We’ve painted almost every room in our house.  Almost.  At this exact moment, the number of rooms we have painted is 7, and the remaining number is 4.  One of the unpainted rooms shouldn’t really count, however, because the total paintable space is minimal–maybe ten square feet.

Anyway, we’re ignoring the largest of the remaining unpainted rooms.  It has a bit of a box problem right now, and that should take priority over wall color any day.

In the meantime, there are 2 remaining bedrooms to paint.  Woohoo!

Thank goodness, one is going to be the same color as the living/dining/kitchen areas, because there’s leftover paint in that bucket, and it’s free.  Off-white for all!  Leaving that one poor empty bedroom with old, dirty paint on the walls.

Oh, and these curtains are staying in the room:

buffalo check picture from pinterest.com

buffalo check picture from pinterest.com

Here are the ideas I’m considering:

1.  Navy blue-ish

teal or really dark navy picture from thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

teal or really dark navy picture from thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

2.  Really pale green

photo from turquoisetulipsandbliss.blogspot.com

photo from turquoisetulipsandbliss.blogspot.com

3.  Warm grey (top left paint lid)

grey photo from bhg.com

grey photo from bhg.com

What say you?

Color 4.0 and a Touch of Realism

I might be using house painting jobs as procrastination for the stuff that really needs to be done around the house.  It’s possible.  Let’s face it, painting for a few hours and creating a different look for an entire room is just more fun than mopping, weeding the garden, or installing a ceiling fan.

My smaller bathroom was a pretty green color when I bought the house, but that pretty green didn’t go with the green I picked for the dining room walls so that led to white walls, then beige walls (leftover paint from another room), and now dark teal.  This was the not-so-bad 3.0 color:

One of my favorite things about that bathroom is the crazy hole in the wall where the mirror usually goes.  It’s much more sinister looking in real life.

And this is the great new color:

Sometimes it looks teal, sometimes it’s almost black, and sometimes it’s kind of green.

Don’t you hate it when magazines show you before and after pictures and they change all sorts of extra stuff between the two?!  They’re trying to convince you that one haircut is better than the other, but they also give the woman in the picture a total makeover with different clothes and makeup and everything else.  Of course she looks better in the second picture.  Yeah, I hate that and totally did it in those pictures.  Oops.  There is a rogue towel hanging from the shower curtain rod in the after picture though.  A touch of realism never hurts.

Speaking of realism,  I made fried pickles last night, and they were delicious.  The unfortunate side-effect of that is that my entire house now smells like a vat of deep-frying oil.  Recipes should start including disclaimers about smells that are likely to linger in your house.