Welcome to Switzerland!

Doesn’t this picture look like a ridiculous made-up rest stop from a movie?

IMG_0028That was our first “Man, that was a long flight” stop on our vacation adventure, complete with my favorite Swiss beverage–sparkling apple juice.  I think that picture captures Switzerland fairly well.  Everything is neat and tidy and ridiculously good-looking.

This was our faithful steed:

IMG_0029Turns out that a Seat (pronounced more like “See ott” than “seat”… we think) is a Spanish version of my car at home, so we just had a grand international time.  And that gets you through the first four hours of our trip.  Ta da!  Welcome to vacation!!  Welcome to Switzerland!


Sometimes I miss Lugano so much.  How could you not?

When I was a little kid, there was a TV show called Out of This World where a girl could snap her fingers and stop time.  She went around fixing things before people knew what was going on and that sort of thing.  She could also snap her way to another place.  Of all the super powers I’ve ever seen (and I use the word “seen” loosely), that’s the set I envy most.

I could be in Lugano right now, dipping my toes in the lake.  Jumping in sounds good, but that’s melted snow from the Alps… no thanks!  And once there was no more gelato to be had and no more perfect views to enjoy, I could be back at work–nothing missed, no responsibility points lost, no budget blown to smithereens.  Oh, if only I were an 80’s television character.  Naturally, I would also do good for mankind with my mad snapping skills.

P.S.  The grammar check just told me that “mankind” is bias language.  Shame on me.