This moment of stripes in nature is brought to you by a mild obsession I’ve had with stripes since sometime in high school.  For a while, that manifested itself in way too many items of striped clothing.  That has been cut down to a reasonable percentage of my clothes, but I still sneak stripes into life whenever possible.  They’re fun without being too ridiculous, and they’re crisp and classic to boot.

Because spring is also bright and fun, enjoy some tulips from the Netherlands (In case there was any doubt, I didn’t take these pictures.  You can find out more about the people who did take them by clicking on the pictures and going to their flickr photostreams.):

In a slightly less showy vein, enjoy some rows of edible crops as well:

And that picture requires a shout-out to my grandpa.  He was a farmer in North Carolina, and he was proud of how straight his rows of tobacco were.  I like that about him.