Okay, so we’re no Boston right now, but we did get some snow that’s been around for lots o’ days.  Virginia snow doesn’t usually last more than a few days, which makes that kind of a big deal.

On the first post-snow morning (and the second), I got a Scott and Peanut escort to and from work.  It was pretty nice.

photo-10There were also walks and snow angels.

photo-12That’s my favorite cow pasture.  The cows are in another pasture up the road, and they seem cold.  Shocking.

photo-16That’s my not awesome snow angel.  I wasn’t willing to commit to a true head-in-snow experience, so the proportions are kind of wonky.  Scott’s snow angel is better (this one):

photo-13I really like the snow gnomes in our back yard best of all.  They are in fact pieces of the wood pile that never got chopped, but I think they look like gnomes in the snow.

photo-11And this is what the other side of that cow pasture looks like at night:

photo-14Or that’s what it looks like when your car is stuck in the snow on the side of the road because it slid backwards when it was close to the top of the hill.  I got so close to the top!  The picture was taken when I had given up on any kind of forwards or backwards motion.  Right before I turned the car off and walked the rest of the way home (0.4 miles?).  I’m pretty grateful for the snow boots I got for Christmas and for neighbors with backhoes and a husband with excellent snow driving skills.

After the car incident, I had to remind myself how much I love that cow pasture.  And snow.  It sure is pretty when the sun sets over snow.

photo-15And anything that helps Peanut look majestic is probably okay in my book.

photo-17That’s where we’ll stop for today.  Majestic Peanut, facing the semi-wilderness of Virginia.

Faux Snow

There was a 30% chance of snow last night, and I tried not to get my hopes up.  I really did.  But I was still disappointed this morning with the total lack of snow.  I will say though, I’ve enjoyed seeing the frost on the grass lately.  It isn’t as fun as snow, but it does sparkle in the sun.  It does crunch under your feet as you walk through the yard.  And it does feel like winter.

I’ll take what I can get.  Doesn’t it look a teeny tiny bit like snow?

photo from

photo from

Okay, that’s not actually our yard.  Our yard does look more or less like that at a groggy 7:20 AM, however.  If you squint, it looks snowy(ish).  Try it a few minutes after waking up.  It’s most convincing then.

Snowy Monday, Snow Clips Tuesday

I’ve neglected you guys, and I’m sorry.  Everybody needs their online distractions at regular intervals, right?

In semi-valuable news, we got some of this in Virginia yesterday:

photo by Karl W.

It’s pretty, almost just like that picture.  Add a bit of grime and some melting, and that’s it exactly.  Even with the grime and the melting, snow makes any day seem better.

Lorelei Gilmore (of Gilmore Girls fame) agrees about the awesomeness of snow.  Even though lots of people in my life don’t like Gilmore Girls, I stick with the fact that just about everything can relate in some way to an episode of that show.  I’ve included a clip to demonstrate.  Also, their faces aren’t that weirdly proportioned in non-YouTube footage.

And in case you can’t bring yourself to watch a clip from that particular show, here’s a clip from White Christmas.  My super manly brother likes this movie, and I like this movie.  Between the two of us, there’s a pretty diverse range of taste, so give it a shot even though it’s really old and includes lots of singing.

If both of those clips seem totally useless to you, here’s something that should make almost anyone laugh.  I forget how much fun it is to watch people get mildly injured until I catch a few minutes of America’s Funniest Home Videos every once in a while.  This is like that, but 80’s snow edition.

And totally unnecessary fact of the day: I once made a snow angel while wearing a bathing suit.  That’s what happens when you go to a hot spring pool in Colorado in December.  Or that’s what happens if you’re susceptible to challenges like I am.