Orchid: Day One

There are some plants I’m scared to acquire.  One of those plants is the lovely orchid.

photo from wallpaperscraft.com

photo from wallpaperscraft.com

Why the plant fear?  Well, I’m capable of keeping some plants alive.  I can handle a Christmas cactus or anything that is good at showing me it needs care before it’s too late to do any good.  Basically, I can handle super hearty plants.  Orchids might be hearty in some senses, but they’re notoriously difficult to get to bloom.

This morning, I found myself the proud owner of a very pretty orchid plant.  This morning, I started a journey to become a better gardener.  (Thanks to the nice library patron who thought I should acquire an orchid.  That was nice.)  Fingers crossed.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Where am I going to look for advice?  I’ll start with my mom, who is a great gardener.  And I’ll try out these instructions: orchid tips.