Pie Time (Options!)

For several Thanksgivings, I made The Pioneer Woman’s Pecan Pie.  It was good, and everyone throughout the land rejoiced.

Ree's pie

Ree’s pie in the making (photo by Ree Drummond)

Or so I thought (the rejoicing).  At least one inhabitant of the land was scheming.  Last year, Scott decided that he could make the pecan pie better, and I am never going to stop anyone from pie experiments.  Never.

It turns out that our perfect pecan pie is Tyler Florence’s Bourbon and Chocolate Pecan Pie crust (filled with nutty goodness) and Eat, Live, Run’s Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie filling (with less chocolate than called for).  Don’t ask me why Tyler Florence’s filling isn’t good enough for Scott.  That’s his call, and I don’t question things that end deliciously.

So feeling fancy this Thanksgiving?  Try Scott’s Super Fancy Pie Crust and Filling.

photo from eatliverun.com

photo from eatliverun.com

Feeling classic?  Ree has you covered.

And in summary, you can’t go wrong with pecan pie.  Also, going to the grocery store to buy pie ingredients and frozen pizza (what I will be eating for the next 2 days) is way more fun than buying an entire week’s worth of make-it-from-scratch dinner ingredients.

Holiday in the Woods

I certainly grew up in a family that liked to eat, but my husband’s family is all about the Thanksgiving feast in a way that my family never was.  There are about 10 side dishes and leftovers for every branch of the family to take home.  It’s kind of amazing.

Scott being Si from Duck Dynasty (the tea glass is key)

So that’s what I’ve been up to for the past few days–eating.  The comical twist in the story is that while rushing out of the house on Wednesday afternoon, Scott and I forgot all of our toiletries for the trip.  No toothbrush, no deodorant, no anything.  Fortunately, Scott’s family is generous, and there are these things called drug stores all over the place.  Even with those good things, I went 4 days using my finger as a toothbrush, not brushing my hair, not wearing a lick of makeup.  It added a tiny bit of rusticity to the holiday.

On top of that, I went hunting for the first time in my life.  Or I went along for a hunt, anyway.  Scott and I sat in the woods for a few hours (almost–it got really cold!), and I looked around and read my book in turns.  Scott is a better hunter than I am, but at least I did my best to not talk.

The main wildlife we saw that morning was a racoon that we treed nearby.  Accidentally treed.  The poor guy looked really cute at first and took a nap far up the tree.  Then he got really agitated that we wouldn’t leave, and he wagged his tail really hard and made weird sounds at us for the next hour.  It was kind of disconcerting.

That one morning of cold adventuring will last me a while.  Scott, however went out again the next day and met with more success.  Something about a wife flipping book pages and a racoon hissing in a tree didn’t work out too well for him.

December Decisions

It recently came to my attention that my family intends to spend Christmas in Colorado, which makes sense.  Two of the five in question live there, and the other three know where to find good snow in December.  Unfortunately, my Colorado plans for the year don’t include December.

I was really sad about that at first.  My family is fun to be around, especially at Christmas.  My mom indulges my love of corny movies, my dad and I wear armadillo slippers on Christmas morning, and Santa still writes letters to me about how he’s trying to quit smoking or how it’s cheaper to outsource toy-making instead of using elves.  Definitely warms the heart of this girl.

I briefly considered forgetting about my planned trip to Colorado in September.  That made me more sad than missing Christmas, so back to the drawing board I went.  Then I remembered that there are these modern inventions called phones and postage (so cutting edge, that postage!).  Santa and I can still correspond.  My armadillo slippers are safely tucked away in my house, so that’s a go.  And I conquered the traditional Christmas stollen recipe last year.

Nothing to fear.  This year’s holiday season will be about getting to the post office in time to mail presents to Colorado, about celebrating the birth of Christ in my own lovely church, about enjoying my favorite canine friend, and about creating new traditions.  There will be gallons of warm apple cider consumed, an embarrassing number of Christmas movies watched, and possibly a mini adventure on Christmas day.  Feeling good about Christmas in Virginia, and now we return to our regularly scheduled program (also known as “It’s really hot outside!”).