Non-traditional Holiday Prep

Of course, since we’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, there were oodles and oodles of recipes to pick and groceries to buy. And of course, I went grocery shopping after work on the one night that involved 37 degree weather mixed with decently heavy rain and large rivers through the parking lot. On top of that, I wore my boots that have a giant hole in the bottom on that day.  Not my smartest set of decisions ever.

But that’s what warm sweatpants are for when you get home.

That covers the traditional preparations.  There were also some non-food creative ventures that happened recently.  A few commissioned paintings allowed me to dust off my watercolor paint brushes.  That was a somewhat scary experience, since the subject matter for one was a bit outside of my normal trees and such.  I like how it turned out though:

photo(1)It’s an antique dive helmet, in case that isn’t obvious.  It’s also slightly brighter in real life.

After the watercolor adventures, there was a furniture painting adventure.  We’ve had this outdoor table and chairs since some good friends moved away several years ago.  I love inheriting furniture from friends, because it reminds me of people I really really like.  I also like that it’s free.

The table and chairs were cute when we got them–orange plastic with red metal legs on the table and chairs.  Unfortunately, sun and rain and potted plants on the table do eventually leave furniture in need of some TLC.  A few years ago, I painted the plastic portion a darker red to match the legs and bring the set back to its former glory.

Fast forward two years, and things were starting to look shabby again.  Now, thanks to two cans of spray paint that I bought years ago, they’ve been transformed into two shades of green that are really quite nice in our living areas inside and out.  Yay!  Furniture that looks brand new!!!

photoNow the munchkin table is fresh and Thanksgiving-worthy.  Thanks for the table, friends.  It is being well loved.


I’m Employed!

Well, I’m technically not employed yet.  But I did get a job offer, and I’ve signed an acceptance of that offer, so it’s pretty official.  I’m really excited about it.  I get to dust off my library skills, and I even get to hang out with co-workers who like reading.  It’s going to be good.

photo from

photo from

In addition to new co-workers and schedules and an inability to wear sweatpants every day, the new job also means it’s time for me to break out the cleaning supplies.  I have three business days between now and my first day of work, and we have guests visiting this weekend, next weekend, and for Thanksgiving.  We’re really really glad we get to see friends and family.  I just don’t want them to fully experience the stink bug genocide on our floor.  I know I keep talking about it, but who likes cleaning up stink bugs?  I’ve been avoiding it.

Last but not least, we’ve returned to some fall recipe favorites from last year.  You can check those out here.  We had the chicken with brussels sprouts and rosemary potatoes and mustard sauce the other day.  Next time, I need to make double the mustard sauce, but you live and learn.  And tonight is stuffed apple night, unstuffed (recipe on the same post).  Between the Italian sausage and the apples, I’m looking forward to it.

photo from Cooking Light (by John Autry)

photo from Cooking Light (by John Autry)