Dilbert and Me

I often feel lucky as I sit in my cubicle.  It’s a nice cubicle, really.  There’s plenty of clean storage space that I try to keep as empty as possible for whatever reason, an under-cabinet light so I can have some semblance of control over the space, and a comfy chair that spins pretty well.  All in all, it’s a good cubicle.

Then I remember that I’m in a cubicle.

Then I remember something that I saw years ago.  It’s too good not to share.  The author of Dilbert took all of the complaints he heard about cubicles over the years and created Dilbert’s perfect cubicle.  You can switch out different parts of it to make your perfect cube, too.  Mine would have those fake sun machine panels and a hammock.  It might be a little weird to have my co-workers walk by me napping in a hammock during lunch, but I’m pretty sure I’d get over that in no time.