Cast Your Vote: Cabinet Knobs

Today’s project is to pick four knobs for a filing cabinet that I recently acquired from some friends.   (Thanks, friends!)  The cabinet is green, more or less like the two jackets on the right in this picture by House on Hill Road:

Okay, so option A is one of these with three of the color wheel knobs below it:

Options B, C, and D are four of any of these:

Option E is one of these flies with three letters (my initials… how original):

And finally, Option F is some combo of these two designs:

So what do you think?  Are you really relieved that I’m not redoing your filing cabinet?  Any opinions to offer?

I’ll admit that I’m leaning towards options A, B, and C.  That’s still two options too many though.  I’m usually good at making decisions.  I went to CarMax to test drive a few different types of cars and left the lot about an hour and a half later with Gustav.  My clothes shopping trips last about 30 minutes.  You’re just catching me mid-decision this time.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your introduction to Anthropologie‘s hardware selection.  Now you know what happens when a women’s clothing store branches out into hardware.  As long as they don’t open an automotive department next, the universe will remain in balance.

Frills, Curlicues, and Such

super girly girliness

I was just looking at a website that I’ve neglected for a while, and I was so happy to see the pictures of pretty, embellished things.  Sometimes I don’t feel very girly.  My current favorite shirt is hand-me-down flannel, my weekends are often consumed by yard work and house projects, and I do occasionally prefer a cold beer at the end of the day to cooking a good dinner for myself.  A friend once pointed out that my relationship advice to her sounded more like an economics textbook than anything else.  None of those things are specifically masculine, but they don’t make me feel particularly feminine either.  And sometimes I think about how nice it would be to be a guy.  You could lift heavier things on your own, run at night without thinking about which route is safer, and camping would be at least 5% more pleasant.

Then I visit sites like Anthropologie and I’m immediately thrilled again to be a woman.  I love that I can wear flannel hand-me-downs or a floaty silk top with flowers on the shoulder and a bow at the waist!  I can hang out in the wilderness or spend an entire night painting my nails.  I can think that the Bourne movies and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies are fantastic.

I’m so grateful that being a woman allows me to get things done that aren’t strictly feminine without losing sight of the girly things I do love or the fact that I was designed to be different from men.  It’s nice to have options (even though I’m pretty sure my guy friends aren’t envying that list of things I like about being a girl).  Today I’m feeling a tiny bit grateful to feminist pioneers of days gone by, so thank you, Abigail Adams and co.