Small Gardening Goal

It has been just gorgeous around here this week.  I’m talking 78 degrees in the afternoon, sunshine, cool mornings and evenings.  I can’t imagine a better spring week for stay-at-home-moming.

What I’ve discovered in this gorgeous weather is that having a baby has suddenly given me the desire to garden.  What?!  It’s weird.  Something about the need to nurture the heck out of everything in proximity to me.

I’ve been a reluctant gardener at best in the past.  I mean, I like my rosemary plants and parlsey and the like.  But honestly, I like them because they’re really difficult to kill and delicious to eat.  Gardening is kind of secondary in the whole story.

But there’s this new gardening desire in my heart, so I bought a small anemone plant yesterday (and we have a giant vegetable garden that I might help with for the first time).  I have small goals for my new anemone plant.  Really just one goal.  I would like my new plant to look healthier after a month at our house than when I planted it today.  That’s doable, right?  It does look pretty good on day one though.  I should have roughed it up before taking its before picture.


I watered it, which is a good start.  Now it’s time for me to plant some strawberry plantlings before Baby T wakes up from his big nap of the day.  Maybe if I’m lucky the strawberry plants will survive, too.  Fingers crossed.

(I was going to post a recipe for awesome salmon, but the plant somehow ended up taking precedence.  Sorry.  Savory salmon with succotash that will make you salivate.  In a good way.  Coming soon.)

Orchid: Day One

There are some plants I’m scared to acquire.  One of those plants is the lovely orchid.

photo from

photo from

Why the plant fear?  Well, I’m capable of keeping some plants alive.  I can handle a Christmas cactus or anything that is good at showing me it needs care before it’s too late to do any good.  Basically, I can handle super hearty plants.  Orchids might be hearty in some senses, but they’re notoriously difficult to get to bloom.

This morning, I found myself the proud owner of a very pretty orchid plant.  This morning, I started a journey to become a better gardener.  (Thanks to the nice library patron who thought I should acquire an orchid.  That was nice.)  Fingers crossed.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Where am I going to look for advice?  I’ll start with my mom, who is a great gardener.  And I’ll try out these instructions: orchid tips.